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Some Books I Recommend For Some People

So on this blog I said that I would recommend some books to you guys so here is the day I tell you some of my suggestions. This is for girls and boys so I will do 10 for just boys, just girls and for both genders. ( if you would like me to do reviews on these books before you want to read them comment me and I will get to them soon )

  1. Harry Potter books 1-7 ( for both genders )
  2. The School For Good And Evil books 1-5 ( for girls )
  3. You Are Awesome and Dare To Be You books 1-2 ( for both genders )
  4. WeirDo books 1-9 ( for boys )
  5. Someone Like Me ( for both genders )
  6. The Turnkey books 1-3 ( for girls )
  7. Wonder ( for both genders )
  8. The Bad Guys books 1-10 ( for boys )
  9. The Hunger Games books 1-3 ( for both genders )
  10. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls books 1-3 ( for girls )


You guys can check these books out on the internet and can go perches them if you would like. If you have more books that you haven’t seen on this list you would like me to make another blog about, comment them down and I will get to them soon. Have a great day 🙂



Hope you guys comment some suggestions :)

10th Sep, 20
inky State Library Victoria

Have you read any new books recently, curiousplace?

7th Jan, 21