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A Movie All About Harry Potter's Parents

We all know Harry Potter and how his parents died but what if there was a movie before they died, before they had Harry. What life do you think they lived. Don’t you want to know how school was like for them, how they got together? It could be so interesting to know and if J.K Rowling wrote it, Im sure it would sell quickly! Imagine this…


J.K Rowling wrote it and just started stocking it up in book shops. The whole Harry Potter lovers will go crazy and want one instantly. It will be another ‘Best Selling Book’ and she will be so happy. I wonder if she would actually do it though. She would start with some ideas, then write a little bit down then… A WHOLE STORY! Of course it will take time but it would be so cool!


What do you guys think. Do you reckon she will do it? Do you think it will be funny or sad? Comment your ideas and I will get to them soon

Have a good day 🙂

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What ideas are you guys thinking?

11th Sep, 20