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A Dork Diaries Twist

Lets talk about Rachel Renèe Russell and her amazing series, ‘ Dork Diaries’.

Rachel Renèe Russell is a well-known author for her books ‘ Dork Diaries’. She said that her book was based off her daughter Nikki, [Quote] ‘ The Dork Diaries series was inspired by my dorky daughter, Nikki, who also illustrates the books too’. While the series is great and filled with drama, real life stories and high school romance what about if there was a twist? A twist you say, well yes. ( spoilers to people who haven’t read the book ) Nikki likes a boy named ‘Brandon’, same as Mackenzie Hollister, who is known to be the ‘ mean girl’ at their school but what if Nikki was a ‘ mean girl’ and Mackenzie was the dork? What do you think will happen? Will Nikki still have her besties, Chloe and Zoe still with her? Who knows?


If you have any suggestions or twists that you might like to have in made in the book, come and tell me and I might write a blog about your comments.


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Comment what twists you might like in the series.

9th Sep, 20